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Vaping has gained such widespread acceptance worldwide. When it come to present world of vaping there is only one top dog. Springfield Farms has been given very high remarks in the vape categories. The high times cannabis cup, in both Los Angeles, California, and Denver. We are here to present you the real Springfield Farms THC cartridges which are made of pure organics, no residual solvent.


Transparency is key, which is why our products go through industry leading lab tests to ensure we deliver the purest products.


Know that you’re not only getting the smoothest hit possible, but also the cleanest with our full organic carts.


Why be limited to a single flavor? With our revolutionary and authentic nature, we bring you multiple lab tested flavors you’ve never seen.

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Springfield Farms is one of the most recognizable hemp-derived cannabinoid brand in the USA Sparked in the summer of 2020 in orange county California, Springfield Farms has been the market leader in hemp-derived products since it released the first delta 8 disposable ever made: The OG 1.1g Springfield Farms disposable. In the face of overnight success and aggressive counterfeiting, Springfield Farms has remained the dominant market leader by maintaining strict quality standards, pushing the edge of innovation, and constantly reinventing itself. Through a blend of highly-personal strain and profile building, rigorous curation of the highest quality ingredients, and a uniquely infectious aesthetic style, Springfield Farms continues to hold the title as the number one trendsetter and the most talked about brand on the market.

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